Family Law MediationA Successful Alternative to Court

Finding Resolution Outside the Courtroom

In recent years, mediation has become a primary tool in Washington State for couples to create a long-term and sustainable parenting plan in regard to child custody, visitation and residential schedules as well as other family disputes regarding property, debts, and other financial issues in a divorce action. The majority of Washington State counties require parents to make a good-faith attempt at mediation for dispute resolution before proceeding to trial.


Mediation in family law cases is recognized as a viable alternative to the courtroom because it has proven to work effectively in most cases if both parties make a reasonable effort to solve their disputes. Approximately 98% of family law cases settle without the need to proceed to trial.


The mediator, an unbiased third party who does not represent either party, will listen to both sides and assist the parties to come to a mutually agreed resolution of the issues in their case. The entire focus of the mediation process is find a mutually agreed upon resolution, with both parties making suitable compromises to resolve financial issues equitably and to agree upon a parenting plan that is in the best interests of the child.


Mediation enables the parents of children to be creative and explore options that may not be available to the courts, as both parties are intimately knowledgeable about their living situations and what works best in their own unique family dynamic. Parents can talk freely in mediation because what is said in the mediation session stays in the mediation session and is not admissible in court. Mediation is not appropriate in cases involving child abuse, domestic violence or in any case where the child or other party may be placed in harms way.


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I offer a reduced fee for mediation services only, when parties have modest incomes and estates.

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