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Family Legal and Mediation Services


We provide family law attorney legal assistance in all aspects of family law including:

Divorce or legal separation;

Establishing paternity or parenting plans in parentage actions;

Child support modifications;

Non-Parent Custody Actions;

Grandparent Visitation;

Prenuptial and Post Nuptial Agreements;

Domestic Violence and Mediation Services.

Parental Supervision


Parental Supervision Services

We have a team of supervisors who are educated and experienced working with children who will supervise visits for those parents who are required to have their time with their children be professionally supervised.  Such services are provided to parents who are alleged to abuse drugs, alcohol, have a history of Domestic Violence or who are alleged to have abused or neglected their children.  Supervised visits will be strictly conducted in the manner set forth in court orders.  When authorized visits can take place in the home, in a public location and/or when available an office facility.  

No legal Advice will be provided to any party where parental supervision services are provided.  

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Law Office of Jacki L. Kirklin and Kirklin Visitation Services

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(425) 746-4424

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