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Dr. Dick A



"Jacki Kirklin has been our family attorney for eight years. She has worked with us carefully and effectively, representing our best interests. She has been a good listener and a good teacher."

Dr. Dick A. 

Linda D.


"Jacki Kirklin was my attorney of choice in getting through a contentious child custody battle followed by a meretricious relationship civil suit that lasted several years.   Jacki was able to lead me through the legal process that ended in a favorable position for me in both cases.   I found Jacki to be very knowledgeable, focused, organized, and highly ethical.  Jacki knows the issues and communicates very effectively in front of the judge.   Our paperwork was always complete, compelling, and we never missed a filing date.  Jacki is professional in her approach with her clients, other attorneys, and the judges.  I highly recommend Jacki to everyone I know that needs help in the area of family law."  –Linda B. 

Sarah H.


 "I would like to express my sincere appreciation to Jacki Kirklin.  I went through a really rough, drawn out divorce.  I was so grateful to have Jacki in my corner.  The divorce went to trial, which was one of the toughest things I have had to go through.  I can't imagine walking through it without Jacki there to advise me, to fight for me and my children, to be my voice.  She aggressively represented my interests and I always felt at ease knowing she was there to guide me through this most difficult time.  I am so thankful for her!" Sarah H. 

Mike .G.



"Jacki, Has been absolutely fantastic.  Her quick response and expert knowledge made all of the challenges we faced seem manageable. Jacki has been there for me and my friend during a very difficult time and we appreciate her delicate handling of our cases."

Mike G. 

Tracy B.



"Jacki has assisted me with a number of family law issues over the last decade, including a custody dispute, child support adjustments, and review of a pre-nuptial agreement.  Not only is Jacki extremely knowledgeable and skilled, she is thoughtful and compassionate. Divorce is an emotional process, and Jacki provided expert legal guidance every step of the way, while supporting me through very difficult moments."

Tracy B.